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Subzero Ice Maker Repair

Life without ice is possible maybe in Alaska, but not in San Antonio. Ice maker repair and maintenance professionals working for Subzero Repair San Antonio are available for same-day or next-day service to assist you with your broken icemaker. Whether your ice maker is built into a freezer or free standing, our factory trained technicians can get it back to freezing water before your drink gets warm. Contact us as soon as possible at (210) 888-9049.

The ice maker which resides in your freezer is actually a semi independent small appliance.

This type of appliance has its own motor and usually only cooperates with the refrigerator for the water inlet valve in the operation cycle. Similarly, the free-standing ice maker is a total unit performing all its’ own tasks independent of any other appliance. Our technicians with minimum of five years of experience in their chosen field are factory trained to deal with whatever your freezer throws at you. Here are some of the most common problems that we have encountered with in-freezer and free-standing ice makers:

  • There's no ice but it sounds like it’s working
  • It doesn’t work at all
  • Ice cubes are too small
  • There are specks in the ice cubes
  • The ice smells bad
  • The light is out
  • It is leaking water
  • Defrost problems
  • Freezing too much
  • It makes noise
  • The free-standing freezer feels hot on the outside
  • It takes too long to make ice (on average 70-120 minutes per batch of ice)

Our trained Subzero repair technicians are experts at rejuvenating your current Subzero appliances and saving you a ton of money. So whether there is no ice or the ice cubes are too small, you can be assured that we can perform everything from a motor replacement to a complete maintenance and rebuilding of the unit to resolve the problem. Call us today for service at (210) 888-9049.

For Your Information! Ice tends to absorb all the odor around it, to help keep your ice tasting fresh it is recommended to wash the ice bin and tray every month. Also, keep the foods in your Subzero refrigerator and freezer covered tightly to keep the food scents from spreading.

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